Adam Milstein big heart has made him recently be recognized as one of the two hundred Most Influential Do-Gooders in the World. According to him, helping others give him more satisfaction than even those he is giving a hand. Together with his wife Mr. Milstein is helping over a hundred organizations and programs. When Adam is not working, he prefers having dinner with his wife and kids. Adam Milstein admires his partner David Hager. He notes that David is smart and a great thinker.


The Foundation

Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation is a foundation that Adam and his wife founded to strengthen the Jewish community. It was mainly established to help students know their roots and appreciate their culture. The foundation has three primary principles that guide them: Life Path Impact, Philanthropic Synergy, and Active Philanthropy. The principles drive the staff to give their time and resources to ensure the success, partners to keep in touch with their audience and Adam ensures that they make connections with other foundations so that their impact can be bigger.


An entrepreneur

Adam Milstein believes that for one to succeed one need to be part of the solution and not rely only on other people. He says it is important to understand the problem and find a good solution. Mr. Milstein does not set specific goals, he aims at doing his best and with that, he can achieve anything he wants. As an entrepreneur, Adam Milstein does not put all his eggs in one basket. He ventures into different fields so as not to lose all his investments in case of anything. At the same time, Adam noted that success is never rushed. It takes time for one to achieve their goal.


Adam Milstein loves helping out and because many charity organizations need him to donate to their course, he meets with the heads to understand what they support. He and his wife will only contribute when they are confident that that organization is in their philanthropic area. Remaining focused on their mission has helped Adam’s foundation be able to keep achieving its goals. Mr. Milstein’s philanthropic nature cannot go unnoticed. He has and is helping a lot of people.