Louis Chenevert: Former CEO of UTC

Louis Chenevert is a famous entrepreneur based in Canada. He worked as the CEO of the United Technologies Corporation. At the company, he served as the CEO for years. Chenevert was the eighth CEO of the firm. United Technologies Corporation (UTC) has thrived in the manufacturing sector and managed to stay in the front row at the edge of innovations despite high competition from other manufacturing companies. The company majorly deals in assembling the most epic jet engines in the world for both commercial and military use. It also operates with Otis, one of the biggest manufacturers that deals with elevators and escalators, company located in Farmington. One of the company’s plants located in Stratford produces many helicopters than any other plant in the USA. Since Louis joined the UTC, he incredibly ran the business to ensure its success. He managed to grow the company’s share price from $37 to $117.

Louis was born and raised in Quebec. He attained his postgraduate degree in production management from the University Of Montreal School Of Business. Louis Chenevert first worked at the General Motors Company for fourteen years. He, later on, served as the president of the Pratt and Whitney since 1999 where he worked for six years. In 2010, he took the role of the chief executive officer of the United Technologies Corporation in 2010, where he served diligently to ensure its growth and maintained its standards. Louis also served as the vice chairman of the Executive committee of the Business Council for one year (2011- 2012). In September 2015, he worked at Goldman Sach where he worked as an advisor in the Merchant Banking Division.

Louis was recognized as the person of the year in 2011. Additionally, he was recognized by the HEC Montreal and was given an honorary doctorate. He dedicated himself and worked tirelessly to ensure UTC Company’s success and growth. The United Technologies Corporation under the leadership of Louis was recognized with the best humanitarian award for its Green shot projects which involves with volunteer projects to fund primary schools facilities to ensure sustainable and quality education for children. The project has helped more than 20,000 children in primary schools across Asia.

The Career of Mike Baur

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur who currently runs a company known as Swiss Startup Factory. His company specializes in helping a number of businesses get mentorship and guidance in terms of running their companies. Over the last few years, Mike has established his company as one of the best in Switzerland. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Baur spent a number of years in both investing in startups and the banking industry. These two experiences gave him the knowledge to know what makes new companies successful. During his career, Mike has won a number of awards in recognition of his efforts in his business career.


Baur’s company Swiss Startup Factory helps businesses find ways to reach their goals and become more successful operations. With the guidance provided by Baur and his staff, a number of businesses are in position to get feedback on how to improve their businesses in a number of key areas. These include marketing, management, finance and production. With the feedback provided by Swiss Startup Factory, a number of entrepreneurs in Switzerland have been able to make their companies more successful. The expertise and experience of Mike Baur has played a major role in helping businesses fulfill a number of their goals on a consistent basis.


After working in the banking industry for a number of years, Mike Baur decided to leave in order to pursue other opportunities. The first opportunity he pursued was startup investing. Due to his experience working with new businesses, Mike saw the potential of startups and their profitability. As a result, he looked to capitalize on this by spending his own money on new emerging companies. This activity led to Baur making a considerable income and would therefore propel him to pursue entrepreneurship. After ten years of investing in startup businesses, Mike started up a company of his own Swiss Startup Factory.


When Mike started his new company Swiss Startup Factory, he envisioned his company being one that would help startups reach their full potential. His business model was structured to work like the banking industry. Swiss Startup Factory would work by holding an event to allow entrepreneurs to pitch their business idea and then Mike would decide to work with them. Once a company is chosen, Baur and his staff provide consulting services to these businesses. During its brief three year existence, Swiss Startup Factory emerged as one of the more innovative companies in the world. This company has been able to allow Mike to showcase his talent and passion for helping businesses on a regular basis.



With its headquarters in the City of Calgary, Obsidian Energy is a medium-sized oil and natural gas production company. The Canadian firm is publicly-listed on both the Toronto Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange. Originally founded in 1979, the company has experienced structural changes over the course of its history. Before shareholders voted in the name change to Obsidian Energy, the firm was previously known as Penn West Petroleum Ltd. The Company boasts ownership of oil reserves in the province of Alberta- one of the world’s richest oil reserves. Although the Company has scaled down its oil production over the past few years, it is still reported to produce an astounding 31,000 barrels per day!


Home to hundreds of dedicated employees, Obsidian Energy is driven by passion and complete accountability to their stakeholders. Also, worth noting is that, at the helm of the company’s organization structure sits an elite team of experts in the fields of oil exploration, production and general mining. These individuals with vast experience and immense technical know-how are pooled together to form Obsidian Energy’s Management Team. To continuously foster the growth prospects of Obsidian Energy, the company’s Board of Directors pools experts from disciplines such as Finance, Technology, Banking and Law. This also attracts potential stakeholders who may have an interest in any of these fields into the company.


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Another advantage brought about by this diversification of the company’s Board of Directors is the exposure to different perspectives. The firm will always benefit from having a multi-faceted approach to issues facing them. This is accredited to the different specialties the Directors bring into the company. Hypothetically speaking, Obsidian Energy is in a position to develop their own internal solutions to most challenges facing them.


In addition to being a promising investment option, Obsidian has also taken the initiative to positively influence society. The firm has done this by ensuring minimal environmental degradation during mining activity. Their oil production activities are guided by stringent environmental preservation principles such as appropriate abandonment of mines and mine reclamation.


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Obsidian Energy Upgrades Its Company’s Profile

Obsidian Energy; formerly Penn West Petroleum Ltd., is a Canada-based natural gas and oil production organization whose reputation has grown over the years. The firm is a public company, previously known as Penn West Energy Trust. Since its founding in 1979, Obsidian Energy has expanded in each aspect including in its workforce. At the moment, the Calgary-situated company hosts almost 300 employees. Besides acquiring a peak in the organization’s labor input, Obsidian Energy has experienced other achievements concerning increase in monetary value and its reputation. For seven years, the group was considered a Canadian Royalty Trust and grew to its peak in 2008 when the company’s market capitalization was approximately $9.5 billion. Obsidian’s proximity to petroleum reserve locations has contributed to its success in its respective industry.


The company began its new chapter when it attempted to change its name from Penn West to Obsidian Energy Ltd. In conjunction to the altering of the name, Obsidian Energy’s stock symbol also transformed to OBE in each stock market. Obsidian Energy Ltd incorporated three major principles that would guide the organization towards the attainment of success. The first element entailed the incorporation of technical and disciplined commercial decisions for the protection of the value of the enterprise. Other principles are the continuous pursuit of excellence and the element of transparency with the company’s shareholders. See This Article to Learn More.


According to the President of Obsidian Energies, David French, the firm is equipped with the required assets and an effective strategy that will give a chance to the organization to experience transformation in its new chapter. In addition to the change of the enterprise’s title, the shareholders approved all other resolutions that were outlined by Obsidian. Additionally, Obsidian Energy’s choice of the current name was motivated by its natural explanations that emphasized the occurrence of volcanic procedures that can be sharpened. Under the guidance of David French, Obsidian Energy will take a new trajectory leading it to greater heights. The adherence to its set principles will over short period yield positive results, including the gaining of the expenses used to pay the organization’s debts. At the moment, Obsidian produces 28,000 oil barrels daily.


See: http://calgaryherald.com/business/energy/restructured-penn-west-proposes-name-change-to-obsidian-energy

Sawyer Howitt, An Energetic Young Entrepreneur

Sawyer is high school senior whose primary objective is to study, take an internships and make efforts on business and finance. Sawyer has harnessed skills in understanding the operational and financial needs of business while at the same time appreciating a brands souls, resonance, and connection to the consumer.

Sawter Howitt has worked hard to inspire other young entrepreneurs through the writing of articles. In one of his articles, he writes that anyone with knowledge and skills can become an entrepreneur. While there are many millennial entrepreneurs, they must make efforts to stand out. Like many young entrepreneurs, Sawyer understands the challenges faced while running a business. This is because he has experienced same problems faced by other entrepreneurs. He became a project manager at Meriwether Group in Portland, Oregon. He did all this while he was in his senior year of high school. He puts in that it is because of the limitless energy and different range of experience has enabled him to successed.

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The primary reason for Sawyer’s success is because of his innovative mindset. He keeps himself updated on the current affairs of the society. His involvement in the community has enabled him to understand the manner in which the cultural trends relate to business. This enables him to give advice that is centered on motivation, people skills, and business savvy.

One of primary suggestion of Sawyer Howitt to entrepreneur is to use their passion to move toward their vision without hesitation. He says that if entrepreneurs wait for the suitable moment to start, they may miss the opportunity that is available at that moment. He acknowledges that the learning process is a continuous process and he puts it in that the most appropriate way to learn is through practical experience.

Company culture is an important aspect while hiring employees. Sawyer insists that young entrepreneurs shouldn’t ignore this factor. He of the opinion that even though someone may have a lot of experience, the wrong fit can lead to culture shock. Building morale and keeping the employees happy is important in ensuring that the things run smoothly. The commitment of Sawyer Howitt to help entrepreneur has enabled young people to success in running their business.

Learn more about Sawyer Howitt: https://hitechchronicle.com/2017/08/fight-ageism-in-the-workplace-sawyer-howitt-explains-how-young-entrepreneurs-can-succeed/

Adam Milstein’s Big Heart

Adam Milstein big heart has made him recently be recognized as one of the two hundred Most Influential Do-Gooders in the World. According to him, helping others give him more satisfaction than even those he is giving a hand. Together with his wife Mr. Milstein is helping over a hundred organizations and programs. When Adam is not working, he prefers having dinner with his wife and kids. Adam Milstein admires his partner David Hager. He notes that David is smart and a great thinker.


The Foundation

Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation is a foundation that Adam and his wife founded to strengthen the Jewish community. It was mainly established to help students know their roots and appreciate their culture. The foundation has three primary principles that guide them: Life Path Impact, Philanthropic Synergy, and Active Philanthropy. The principles drive the staff to give their time and resources to ensure the success, partners to keep in touch with their audience and Adam ensures that they make connections with other foundations so that their impact can be bigger.


An entrepreneur

Adam Milstein believes that for one to succeed one need to be part of the solution and not rely only on other people. He says it is important to understand the problem and find a good solution. Mr. Milstein does not set specific goals, he aims at doing his best and with that, he can achieve anything he wants. As an entrepreneur, Adam Milstein does not put all his eggs in one basket. He ventures into different fields so as not to lose all his investments in case of anything. At the same time, Adam noted that success is never rushed. It takes time for one to achieve their goal.


Adam Milstein loves helping out and because many charity organizations need him to donate to their course, he meets with the heads to understand what they support. He and his wife will only contribute when they are confident that that organization is in their philanthropic area. Remaining focused on their mission has helped Adam’s foundation be able to keep achieving its goals. Mr. Milstein’s philanthropic nature cannot go unnoticed. He has and is helping a lot of people.




Ransomware is Becoming a Massive Security Threat

Cybersecurity Ventures in a recent report predicts that the cost of ransomware and other cyber threats will rise to $6 trillion by 2021. This includes the rise in cyber attacks on medical devices. Experts predict this alone will reach $101 billion by 2018.


The issue of cyber security is affecting politicians. The way Hillary Clinton managed emails on her server may have influenced the results of the election. In May 2017 President Donald Trump signed an executive order to increase the digital security of the United States, especially the federal government.

The WannaCry ransomware attacks of May 2017 invaded over 300,000 computers in 150 countries. Identity theft, stolen and destroyed data, stolen money, theft of intellectual property, fraud and ransomware are just some of the ways criminals are costing the economy. Businesses must also conduct forensic investigations, restore service, replace hacked data and continue service.


Rubica is a digital privacy security firm with apps that protect smart phones, laptops, and computers. Their goal is to enforce everyone’s right to privacy and safely online. And they have a product to reduce the amount of online cyber crime. They are targeting the profitability of ransomware.


Rubica has cyber experts who previously worked for the United States Navy, Scotland Yard and the National Security Agency.


Doe Deere: A Trailblazing & Revolutionary Leader of Beauty

With Doe Deere being the founder of today’s revolutionary and very successful cosmetic line, Lime Crime, many may wonder how she stays so put together. With her always remaining beautiful in the public eye and her business is expanding more and more, now being available in the Sephora Middle East market, she is truly a wonder. Thus, a recent report was made concerning her daily morning routine.


Deere first wakes up everyday without an alarm clock at 8:30 am. This is done everyday after getting nine hours a sleep nightly. She says that getting good rest keeps her skin clear. She has a good breakfast in her kitchen consisting normally of grits, which is a sort of hot cereal, freshly squeezed orange juice, fruit, yogurt, and a full glass of water. While eating breakfast, she looks out her window and contemplates her day. She also do daily stretches before eating her breakfast in which the cat and camel exercise is her favorite stretch. Other things that are done upon waking up every morning include her checking her phone calendar, sometimes checking in with her team via live company chat, spending time with her cats, and doing her beauty regime for her hair and makeup.


While applying makeup, she listens to her music, which is currently The Beatles. She cleans her face with her Glossier face wash, and Deere moisturizes with her Murad ‘Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence’ moisturizer. Afterwards, she applies either the L’Oreal’s ‘True Match Foundation’, or her MAC’s ‘Studio Fix’ foundation. The makeup is then set with face powder, and then she applies eye makeup, lipstick, and blush. She normally uses a pink or red shade of blush and lipstick. Deere normally uses ‘Pink Velvet’, ‘Red Velvet’, or ‘Rustic’ brand from her Lime Crime collection. For her hair, she wash it at night while showering so her hair will be dried and set to style in the morning. She uses a curling wand to create her shiny, signature waves in her favorite purple color in the morning.


Then, it’s off to work she goes. Deere frequently checks emails throughout the day as well as her Instagram on her phone. She also sets a lot of time in the morning to keep away from digital info in order to focus on her creativity with new product creations and more. Deere arrives at the office around noon, eats her lunch, spends time with her team, and have meetings throughout the day.


While working her creations, she works on things that are outside the box. And being one of the first beauty brands online, Deere’s brand is now a cult leader and favorite in this digitally social age; therefore, making her a trailblazer in setting new standards of quality, performance, and the face of beauty. Her line, Lime Crime, is also a certified cruelty and vegan free product line that is certified through Leaping Bunny and PETA. And with that, Deere is an even more admirable leader in the industry.