Academy of Art University Workshop: Entry Level Position in the Film Industry

Academy of Art University was founded in 1929. The university is based in San Francisco, California. While there are other universities similar to Academy of Art University, it is the largest school of its kind. The university offers a wide variety of art related program of studies. Bachelor and master degree programs, as well as short term programs, are offered. The online programs of study are available for students who may not be able to attend on campus grounds.

The Academy of Art University offers programs such as Motion Pictures and Television as well as Writing for Film, Television, and Digital Media. Script coverage is an entry-level position for any film student. The students from the university received a course by Randy Levinson. As a Motion Picture and Television Associate Director himself, Mr. Levinson provided the students with a lesson about how to effectively take on the role for Script Coverage.

According to Mr. Levinson, script coverage is very beneficial for a producer, director, writer as well as for other roles that contribute to the making of a film. Because there are many scripts that come across a filmmaker’s desk, they are assigned to script readers. The roles of the script readers are to summarize and provide a breakdown of the script in a script coverage format. Once this process is completed, then the filmmakers are able to swiftly make a decision on the script being presented.

Not only does script coverage provide convenience for filmmakers, but it also provides convenience for potential actors and actresses. Because of the summation of a script that is being presented, actors and actresses are able to understand the potential role being placed before them without having to read the entire body of work.

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Boraie Development significance to improving the society

Features of the Aspire

Boraie Development has been the backbone towards the development of The Aspire in New Brunswick. The building consists of numerous residential facilities which are economical in cost. It is situated in a better place since there is a hospital outside the apartment. It is easy for occupants to visit the clinic and get their health condition checked. There is an area set aside for storing bikes of the residents. Also, there is an ample parking lot for every occupant to park his vehicle. There are alternative means of transportation which is the train. It is situated a few meters away from the building. Security is enhanced as there are always doormen at entry and exit points.

The firm’s roles

Boraie Development offers a range of services to the real estate department, sales and asset management. These highlights that the firm does not depend on real estate only. Their qualified and experienced team are focused on building better properties. Moreover, they offer unlimited service to their customers. The firm has been looking forward to venturing with prominent banks and architects with strategies. For contractors, they ensure they complete their task as per the stipulated period of the contract. That is how the development firm can prosper.

Its partnership with O’Neal

A theatre located on Springfield is currently an apartment due to its renovation. It was the work of Boraie Development and former basketball player, O’Neal. They have the vision to establish similar apartments to different regions and cities. The apartments will be utilized for both residential and commercial purposes. O’Neal is looking forward to investing in downtowns as they play an essential impact on society. It is the first development initiative that they work together. The team wants to complete one apartment before it ventures to another.

Their background and vision

Boraie Development has constructed several properties in New Jersey. The firm is aiming to establish a housing tower that will comprise a retail compound. It has a project that is ongoing in Newark. The development will cost several million, and it will be the first tower in the region. The Boraie are the owners of Boraie Development. They have been offering political contributions to the state. These initiatives to support politicians initiated in the 1980s and it remained to be so. It has been a culture for them, and they continue to give back to the community through their projects. The company comprises of several initiatives in Newark and Atlantic City.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar Makes Hair Restoration Non-Evasive with

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a board-certified plastic surgeon practicing at Pine Creek Medical Center and Dallas Medical Center. He went to Michigan Medical School to get his degree. He has been practicing between 11 to 20 years.

He does Minimally Invasive Hair Restoration without surgery using a Smartgraph device. It is performed in his office with quick recovery times and almost no discomfort. It regrows your natural hair, is faster than traditional procedures, has a high success rate and is permanent.

It is usually performed in just one visit. Dr. Jejuikar will numb the area and take a graft from the back of your head using the Smartgraph device. He will numb the area and make small round openings on the area where the implant will go. Placement of each graft must be precise because the angle and placement of each graft have to be perfect. It can take upwards of 5 hours according to how many grafts you need.

The patient can see improvement within 6 months and it will take around a year to see full growth. Your hair will probably shed for a few weeks but that is pretty normal. He will give you instructions on how to care for your hair and scalp while the area is healing. After a couple of days, you can wash your hair as the procedure is non-evasive so there are no sutures to worry about.

Hair loss can take away your self-confidence and make you look older. If you want to restore your full head of hair with minimal downtime, this may just be the procedure you have been looking for.

Nick Vertucci A Man of Many Talents

Nick Vertucci wéars several hats. Not merely is this individual a genuine property mogul yet he’s the décorated and respected pokér participant. In the career lifestyle, Nick Vertucci has already established to have a shot in advérsity double, having béen bankrupt double but still handling to become a uniform again. Essentially, Nick Vertucci dons his center on the sleeve, which really is a possible character for just about any poker participant ánd business owner as well.

Chip competed on the Globe Group of Poker in 2016 having a buy-in of $1500 which usually he converted into $2,532 by the end from the tournament. Even though he didn’t finish in the many elite placements, Vertucci improved his hendonmob rank which usually is a large deal meant for poker players. Various other worldwide and hyper-competitive tournaments that Nick Vertucci provides participated consist of, Poker AT NIGHT, World Number of Globe Texas hold’em (WSOP), Live at the Bicycle, and Globe Poker Competition (WPT).

Besides enhancing his ranking and taking walks aside a buck more potent, the competitions possess offered to build his status and credibility, which usually is what texas holdem players mainly play for the purpose of. Probably his lessons from his property empire have got produced him much better texas hold’em, player, with areas getting a higher level of risk.

A few of the traits that place him before additional players in poker video game include the capability to go through others, intelligent bluffing, adaptability, psychological control, self-confidence in addition to understanding one poor hand will not énd the overall game. He offers participated in lots of prominent texas holdem tournaménts rising as á worthy rival every time and actually earning big. Vértucci’s preferred game is usually Texas hold’em. He offers been so great in the overall game that this individual wás rated 828th in the Globe Group of Texas Hold’em tournament, you may realize he offers invested cut his amount of time in poker yet to the opposite, if this individual did, we’re able to be revealing á different story.

Louis Chenevert’s Advice on Maintaining a Successful Company


Louis R. Chenever is the current CEO of United Technologies Coroporation. He has been in this position since 2006. Before that he was the President of Pratt & Whitney from 1999 to 2006. He is also a member of the Executive Committees of the Business Roundtable. In addition to this in 2005 he was inducted as Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

He formerly studied at the University of Montreal in Canada and obtained a bachelor of commerce degree in production management.

Chenever’s Advice on Sustaining a successful Business:

Chenever strongly believes that investing in your employees is the key ingredient to a successful business. He feels that companies often times overlook the potential growth factor of their current employees. Sometimes companies would bring in a new employee to fill a higher position rather than training their current employee to fill that position. He feels that this is a big mistake that can reduce work morale. He stated that one, as a manager you already know your current employees strengths and weaknesses. Two, you show that you appreciate your current employees’ hard work and dedication towards the company when you offer them a higher position and salary. Three, it also reduces turn over which in turn can cost the company money. People resign from companies many times when feel that their hard work and dedication went unnoticed. In addition to this, it increases company moral when other employees see that their fellow colleague is getting promoted. This will encourage your other employees to work harder towards the possibility of also getting promoted.

He also advises senior managers to create an atmosphere of trust between employees. Don’t give into politics putting employees against each other by having them spy on each other. Instead a senior manager should make the atmosphere a comfortable place that an employee enjoys coming to. After all most people spend more time at the office than they do at home.

Also investing in their educational future helps, especially if the degree will relate to what they’re doing for the company. Most employees will feel even more loyal to their employer if the employer invests in their future.

Overall, Chenever believes that a transparent, safe work environment that believes in investing its employees are the key ingredients to a successful company.

With M1nd, Jeunesse Global conquers new realms in energy drink market

One of the more disappointing results to emerge from the field of psychology over the last few decades has been the ironclad and well-replicated finding that there is simply no way to increase intelligence. Literally trillions of dollars have been spent in an effort to find the magic formula that would somehow enable people or groups with lower intelligence to rise above their limitations. The fact that so much money has been spent on this effort with so much hope of finding a way to raise the intelligence of various groups and people is a powerful indicator that the goal of increasing brainpower is largely a quixotic mission.

The field of psychology has, furthermore, generated reams of evidence to this effect. However, there are a couple of very interesting caveats to the rule that intelligence cannot be raised. One interesting finding is that while adults who have lower intelligence due to a deprived environment probably cannot benefit from interventions to raise their IQs, children who are still living in deprived environments can end up with considerably higher intelligence through enriching their environments.

But this is not a case of actually raising intelligence. Rather, it is a case of removing negative environmental factors that are conspiring to lower it. In a similar way, it is also possible to increase cognitive performance by removing factors, environmental or not, that are causing a lull in performance.

Two of the most common factors that can lower cognitive performance are fatigue and poor attention span. These two factors have been successfully combated through the use of such drugs as Ritalin and Adderall. Now, even those who do not meet the criteria for a diagnosis of attention deficit disorder are taking these performance-enhancing drugs to excel at their jobs and school.

But those drugs often come with serious side effects and health risks. That’s why Jeunesse Global, one of the leading health companies in the world, has developed M1nd, a mental health drink that has many of the same effects as Ritalin and Adderall but that’s also 100 percent natural.

M1nd is the best way to gain a competitive edge through superior cognitive performance.

Robert Deignan Talks About How ATS Digital Services Started

Robert Deignan is the Co-Founder as well as the Chief Executive Officer of ATS Digital Services, which is a digital support company designed to help customers worldwide with various technological concerns – from connectivity issues to overall troubleshooting. Deignan attended Purdue University and graduated with a degree in Organizational Leadership. After a couple of brief stints as a player with the Miami Dolphins in 1997 and the NY Jets in 1998, Deignan co-founded Fanlink, Inc., which was his first entrepreneurial venture.

The idea behind ATS Digital Services, according to Deignan, started while he was working for a different company. Before launching ATS Digital Services, Deignan an his business partners worked for an Anti-Malware Software Company and they used to have tech issues when it came to getting the software installed on the user’s machine. The company had a trial software strategy – so that users who were happy with it were able to purchase it after 15 days of using it free of charge.

By 2009, due to the problem that started from having trouble installing the software on user’s machine, the company put up a phone number on their download page in order to communicate with users and get to the end of the issue. As a result of the conversation with the customers, the company came up with a solution, which was to have their own in-house tech support agents remotely connect to users’ computers in an effort to fix the problems.

The strategy was a success, and it helped increase trust from the users. Additionally, Deignan and his associates realized that they were able to charge a fee for the efficacy of the remote service. By the time he moved on and left the company, him and his associates felt that using remote connection technologies was a great opportunity for them to help users fix their computer issues and a great opportunity for them to start a business. When talking about current exciting trends in the industry, Robert Deignan points to the fact that more and more users are now embracing remote technologies in order to fix their computers.

Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa Get Immortalized in “Work Wife”

The friendship between Live co-hosts Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa is about to take on a life of its own. ABC has announced it is developing a comedy series entirely based on the duos famous friendship. The series will be multi-camera and is titled so far as “Work Wife”.

It is no secret that Ripa and Ryan get along with one another. They are not the only two “T.V. Couples” the public has seen over the years. Their predecessors on Live Regis Philbin and Kathie Lee Gifford were famous friends as well. Ripa and Ryan specific work relationship is so relatable that a T.V. show based on it may be a successful development. According to sources this is exactly what “Work Wife” will be. The show will be an ensemble comedy focused on “work spouses” who break down each other’s boundaries. It will place those relationships in comparison with all the other’s in their lives. So far “Work Wife” has received a pilot commitment. Both Ripa and tv host Seacrest will executive produce along with Michael Ian Black.

Seacrest first garnered widespread fame as the host of American Idol. The Georgia-based radio personality had been around prior to AGT, but had yet to do anything garnering mainstream. Seacrest began his career hosting a number of shows for various networks. Since his rise Ryan has continued hosting his radio show On Air with Ryan Seacrest, as well as taking over for some radio and T.V. legends. He is currently the host of America’s Top 40 which he inherited from Casey Kasem, hosts Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Years Eve, and starting in 2017 Regis Philbin’s spot on Live.

Ripa had been searching for a permanent host ever since Philbin left his post. When Seacrest joined everything just clicked. Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) will produce the show under his Ryan Seacrest Productions banner. RSP was founded in 2008, and has since produces many hit T.V. shows. Hopefully “Work Wife” will fit into that category as well. Seacrest has his fingers in so many pies with hosting, producing, and philanthropy it is a wonder he has any time left.

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Igor Cornelsen Offers Three Great Pieces of Advice for those Interested in Brazilian Investments

Investors are once again Interested…

Igor Cornelsen is no stranger when it comes to the economy of Brazil; he helped build it. Things went down hill for a little while. Political issues and uncertainly caused many investors to fear Brazil. The developing economy has started to bounce right back from that drop it had taken, however. It is for this reason that many investors are intersted in Brazilian options once again.

Now…on to the Tips…

Tip number one from Igor Cornelsen? Get very familiar with all of the locals that you can! He claims that Brazilian culture is social to a point where becoming familiar with locals will result in them talking (aka sharing a great deal of information,) with anybody that is curious. From that point on, it’s a matter of forming memories and taking notes. Soak up all the information that you can.

Be Prepared for anything!

Igor’s second tip involves expecting what one would typically consider unexpected. Being prepared for any possible outcome is good advice in general, for any walk of life. When it comes to economic matters within Brazil, however, it is advice that should be taken quite seriously!

Learn those Pesky Foreign Exchange Rates!

This is the final piece of advice that Igor Cornelsen claims will put you on track to a Florida retirement similar to his. Knowing the ins and outs of business exchanges is simply not useful if one isn’t familiar with the exchange rates! Somebody investing in Brazil should know them to a point where they can perform rude estimates of the conversion calculations in their head as they examine financial statements. Mr. Cornelsen doesn’t say this, but come on, if you want to retire in Florida like he did, would you prepare in a fashion that requires any less?

How Talkspace Sets Itself Above Others

For people in therapy, it might be hard to always have the resources they need to make their lives better. Talkspace knew this when they started. They also knew they had to do a lot of different things if they wanted to make a difference in the therapy field. For the company, the best part of making sure they could help people was providing them a safe space where they could talk about different things and learn about how to help themselves with mental illness. It made sense for the company to keep offering these opportunities to everyone they worked with. No matter how hard they had to work, Talkspace did what they could to show people they had someone who cared about their mental health. The company worked hard so people didn’t have to worry about visiting a counselor outside of their own home and they always had the chance to communicate with their counselor.

For many people with a mental illness, visiting a counselor can be daunting. Not only do you have to have the energy to get dressed and drive yourself to the counselor but you also have to deal with the people in the waiting room, the wait time and actually sitting down with the counselor. It can be hard and make people suffering from anxiety or depression less likely to make appointments with a traditional therapist. Talkspace knew this was a huge problem and wanted to create a solution to it.

When people use the Talkspace platform, they get access to a number they can text their therapist at. This can help in situations they might otherwise turn into crisis situations. It can also help people who are simply feeling nervous or like they need to talk to someone. The texting capabilities might also make it easier for people who struggle to talk on the phone, in person or in video calls. Talkspace provides texts in addition to weekly sessions you might be able to use with your therapist. Having the ability to text your therapist can make it easier to keep the lines of communication open.