Talk Fusion is a global leader in video and telecommunications. With their innovative WebRTC Tech, the company has been looking to expand their reach globally. The new office in New Delhi, India helps to set up a support system for the popular communications company in that area. The office will be there to help train the already established associates among other functions.


Bob Reina shared in an interview how the associates already in India are excited about the expansion and their participation in the compensation platform. Talk Fusion is a direct sales company. Guru Lal Singh, the new manager for this office, shared their excitement over the opportunities Talk Fusion brings. The video messages and the innovative software will help both global and local businesses with their communications needs. Reina and Singh both hopes this would help local businesses as well as global businesses. Learn more:


This company is known for their cutting edge video email products. Reina started the company because of difficulty he had while sending video attachments. Now the company is known for its video chat and video newsletter products. Currently, the company has expanded to over 140 countries and continues to grow. Reina has highly competitive salary features, like instant pay. Once an associate makes a sale, they can receive that compensation within minutes rather than waiting weeks. In addition to instant pay, Talk Fusion does not require associates to buy inventory since it is all online. Reina has taken his local idea of sending video while on vacation and turned it into a global business.