All You Need to Know about Mark Salk, Investment Analyst and Experienced Photographer

Mark Salk is a young man who has made a name for himself in different venues. He is not only a financial analyst but also a landscape photographer and active volunteer. After graduating with a finance degree, moved from Chicago to New York City. His volunteer work entails helping the less fortunate in the society, a passion that has led him to the Navy Seal Foundation. This is an organization that helps Navy Seals as well as their families. He was recently interviewed by, and here are some of the things they had to say about himself.

Getting into Photography

Salk says that his love for photography didn’t start when he was a child; this is something he started getting into while in college. He was drawn to different landscapes and decided to start taking pictures. He would then share these photos with his family and friends. As the collection of photographs grew, he decided to start a website and upload them all there.

Key to Success

You cannot teach others what you do not know. Mark Salk says that he takes his work seriously. He takes time to research, gathers all the information he can get, and ask questions to understand something more. From the gathered information, he takes the most crucial details and presents it to his audience. He tries to make sure that there is no question he cannot answer when his audience needs clarity on something.

About Navy Seal Foundation

The life of a navy seal and that of his loved ones can be difficult. What a navy seal goes through while away on duty can have diverse financial and psychological effects on them and their families. With Navy Seal Foundation, they are taken care of in terms of finances, scholarships, and counseling among other ways.

His Future

Since Mark Salk likes helping, his volunteer work will not stop at this foundation. He intends to get involved in other charity organizations in the future. As for his photography, he wants to add a function that helps visitors to his site purchase the prints they like.

Betsy DeVos Won’t Attend The First Public Meeting Of The New Federal School Safety Commission

Michigan is proud of Betsy DeVos. The Holland Michigan conservative, and her husband, Amway heir Dick DeVos, are billionaire rock stars in Grand Rapids Michigan. Now that Betsy is the education secretary, she is trying to expand her loyal following. Betsy and Dick are the essence of conservative populists. The couple believes public education should be funded privately, and Donald Trump thinks the high-flying, but low-key couple, are right. Trump wanted an education secretary who could shake up the school system, and he didn’t have to look far to find Betsy. Her name was on some heavy-duty checks to the Republican Party through the years, so she was Trump’s obvious choice.



But President Trump was one of the few Republicans who thought Betsy would be a great education secretary. She had a hard time convincing senators that she had the knowledge or the expertise to manage such a large part of the Federal Government. Most senators wanted Betsy to go back to Michigan instead of trying to turn the public school system upside down. But Vice-President Mike Pence cast the deciding vote, and Betsy officially had the job she dreamed about for years. She was finally in a position to push the charter school system nationwide, and she could also introduce a voucher system that gives students from low-income families a chance to learn in schools that are “better” than the schools in their school district.



The first 18 months in office hasn’t given Betsy the warm, comfortable feeling she thought she would experience as education secretary. Teachers and students across the country are not happy with Betsy’s performance in Washington. DeVos has cut public school funding, and she has ignored the demands of teachers who say they are underpaid, under-appreciated and under attack. Every time DeVos visits a school there’s drama, and every time she opens her mouth, she inserts one of her Manolo Blahnik in her mouth.



Betsy has a new Federal School Safety Commission in place now that school violence is out of control. The four-member commission will report its findings at the end of the year, but the commissions is already drawing heat from her opponents. Her opponents say the commission has no sense of urgency, and the commission is not going to address the elephant in the room which is gun law changes. And to make matters worse, Betsy isn’t going attend the first public safety school commission meeting. Betsy is in Europe on a multi-stop learning tour.



Once again, DeVos is the target of ridicule for her poor choices. She consistently bucks the system. And she is not afraid to let people know she doesn’t like the way the current school system works. DeVos and her supporters are trying to build a school system that relies more on investors than educators, and that infuriates the school system establishment. So Betsy is bringing her own group of hard-swinging capitalists to the education reformation, and she’s making progress. But that progress isn’t the kind of progress teachers, parents or students want right now. They want gun control progress, but Betsy is in the Netherlands visiting her distant relatives.


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