OSI Industries was established in 1909 as a simple family meat business. However, today the company is a global provider of different types of food. It has 65 facilities situated in 17 countries and around 20000 people working at those facilities. The enterprise has been able to evolve from a small business to a global successful corporation and it’s still growing every day. OSI Industries was Otto Kolschowsky’s idea; a German descent living in Chicago in America. Otto opened the butcher shop after settling in the United States for two years. He was dedicated and in a decade the business had expanded to other locations including Maywood.

In 1928 the enterprise was renamed to Otto & Sons and it continued thriving. In 1955 Ray Kroc established the McDonald’s restaurant but he was a franchise agent. Ray had asked Otto to supply McDonald’s restaurant with quality ground beef. Mr. Kroc later bought McDonald’s and he became the new owner and Chief executive officer of the enterprise. McDonald’s growth reflected on Otto &Son’s success. Supplying McDonald’s restaurant became the main task for Otto & Sons. Otto & Sons evolved from being a simple supplier to a global business referred to as OSI Industries. The pressure to supply quality products became intensified because McDonald’s was expanding at a faster rate. With time the pressure decreased due to a technological breakthrough.

In 1973, Otto & Sons opened a branch that was mainly focused on supplying McDonald’s products. Eventually, Otto & Sons became a company with two missions, one as a supplier of McDonald’s and the other one as a provider on its way to becoming a large corporation. The name Otto & Sons finally changed to OSI Industries in 1975 due to the rapid expansion. The second reason why the name had to change is that the company was changing leadership. Otto left his two sons to lead the company, however, in 1975, the sons had reached their retirement years and the company was left under Sheldon Lavin’s leadership.

Sheldon had joined the company in 1970 and worked as an investment consultant. Under Sheldon’s leadership, OSI Industries continued to strive. McDonald’s continued expanding and this forced OSI Industries to keep up with the growth. As McDonald’s became a global market so did OSI and that was the trend. Mr. Lavin had enough experience to run OSI and this helped the company become successful. OSI continued expanding by merging with other food supplying companies in different countries.

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