Professor Kamil Idris was an international civil servant and diplomat. He graduated from the Faculty of Law with honors. He attended Switzerland’s Geneva University and earned his International Law PhD. Nineteen universities throughout the world have provided him with honorary doctorate law degrees. Professor Kamil Idris served the World Intellectual Property Organization or WIPO from 1997 until 2008 as the Director General. He has published numerous books regarding international development, law and property.


Professor Kamil Idris has written about World Intellectual Property Day and the growing popularity. The annual celebration occurs on April 26th with the original launch eight years previous. WIPO is joined by many organizations and governments. Professor Kamil Idris has explained why this day is worth the effort. Intellectual property rights are necessary for numerous new technologies to tackle global issues. The most entertaining sporting events could not be broadcast all over the world without this technology. World Intellectual Property Day is a celebration of intellectual property rights used as a driving force for social, cultural and economic development as well as the power of human creativity.


Professor Kamil Idris believes the advancement of our species has enabled the creation of the very first wheel, clean fuel technologies and effortless air travel. The process started with drawings on the walls of caves then advanced to the printing press and finally the internet. The internet has placed the world in our hands. It provides the technical advances enabling pole vaulters to soar so much higher, advantages for footballers and provides a higher quality level of well-being to ordinary people.


Professor Kamil Idris has also written about the way WIPO uses intellectual property to spread and harness the power of human innovation and creativity. This enables the individuals in every community located in every country to share their bounty with the world. This is why tribute is paid to the artists and inventors both great and small on World Intellectual Property Day. These individuals have enriched lives through their creative visions and innovative thoughts. Intellectual property rights have been earned through the collective talents of numerous people who deserve respect, protection and appreciation.