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Madison Street Capital (MSC) is a worldwide banking firm that works as an exclusive financial advisor for the Napoleon machine in the arrangement of the credit facility. In 2010, Napoleon was started and is now an ISO 9001:2008 certified provider. The company supplies manufacturing services that include unique metal fabricating, painters, light assembly, among other services that range from medium to large size steel materials. Sterling Commercial Credit provided the facility, and the announcement of the transaction was made by CEO of Madison Street Capital known as Charles Botchway. According to Barry Petersen, the Senior Managing Director at MSC, credit facility in combination with planned follow-on tranche are helpful in providing significant success to the operating capital and consequently allow Napoleon to get development to its manufacturing abilities hence meeting customer demands which will undoubtedly accelerate the growth of the organization and bring more sales in the future.


Kevin Febrey, the President of the Napoleon Machine further explained that MSC team worked tirelessly to cooperate with them and open up opportunities for them in the market. He told that the team listened and understood their story and were ready to work with them for a common goal. The cooperation was beneficial and helped in the completion of the transaction. Kevin was grateful that the MSC team was able to understand the capital-intensive nature of the sector and also went ahead to give a working solution to the challenges the company was facing and was optimistic that the four times amount of working capital they would be granted in the credit facilities would bring growth to the company. He explained that the traditional credit facilities gave lesser amounts and hence this was going to be a significant advantage to the company. Kevin hoped that working with Madison Street Capital would be a great success to both parties and was very pleased with the team even in the future.


Madison Street Capital is an organization committed to offering services full of integrity that include financial advisory, merger as well as acquisition expertise, investment opinions, property valuation of all types of businesses. The services provided by the organization are geared towards making the businesses successful in the world market. The company puts into consideration the client’s goals and strive towards achieving them at all costs for every project they undertake. Their primary goal is to drive global growth to the businesses their clients deal with. Madison Street Capital has over time offered services with high professional standards through their dedication and has unwavering trusts for them.


Napoleon Machine, on the other hand, is a value-added provider that serves different types of clients and end-markets. Napoleon manufactures goods 0of high value to their clients that range from machine bases, conveyors, crowns among others.


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Madison Street Capital: A Boutique Firm that Provides Financial Advisory Services

Recap: Madison Street Capital Advise to Professional Pipe, Inc.

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that has become quite a reputation in the market. The company has acted as an advisor to several companies one of which is the Professional Pipe, Inc. Professional Pipe deals with pipes which it designs and installs to companies that are involved in manufacturing. The news about the business relationship between the two companies was released by Charles Botchway who is the acting CEO of Madison Street Capital. Jay Rogers, the Senior Managing Director of Madison Street was the individual tasked with the responsibility of spearheading the advisory committee. According to John Tyson, the President of Professional Pipe, the advisory process was not easy. It proved to be long and was met with several hurdles along the way. However, in the end, it proved to be worth the trouble. He went ahead to praise Jay Rogers for his remarkable advice and further stated that was it not for Madison Street, Professional Pipe would not be experiencing the success that it has today.


PPI recently experienced a recapitalization of the majority of its businesses by KJM Capital LLC. According to Kenneth Meister, KJM Capital is excited about working together with PPI to provide piping services to manufacturers in the food industry. Jay Rogers has congratulated this partnership and rallies 100% behind them. It is part of Madison Street’s mission to ensure that entrepreneurs are matched with the rights business partners. This is a strategic move geared towards better performance. The leaders of Madison Street believe that the partnership between PPI and KJM Capital will help PPI learn from the KJM which has years of experience in the field.


About Madison Street

Founded in 2005, Madison Street Capital is a boutique firm that specializes in providing financial advisory services to companies. The company’s headquarters are in Chicago, Illinois where it has managed to cement its position as a leader in its field. Some of the services it offers include reorganization, capital restructuring, helping companies that are dealing with bankruptcy, and finally, it helps companies that are looking to merge or those that are in the process of acquisition. It is also the go-to institution when companies are in need of sound advice and opinion. Apart from Charles Botchway and Jay Rogers, other key figures include Anthony Marsala who is the acting Chief Operating Officer, Jaydip Sinha serves as the Managing Director, a position he shares with Jay Rogers. Joseph Alioto who recently joined the company as a Managing Director will be responsible for the International Advisory Group. This position was awarded to him due to his 25 years of experience in the global operations. Under the leadership of such talented professionals, Madison Street Capital is expected to continue making great strides in its areas of specialization.


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