Innovation, Modular Green Houses & Entrepreneur Josh Smith

Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t as hard as one may think. Living a healthy lifestyle is more mental than it is physical. The mind controls the body and when it comes to eating junk food, this processed nightmare seems to come out on top for most people. If you had the opportunity to eat healthier, would you do it? If you had the opportunity to grow your own organic food, would you be willing to try? This is where Reno, Nevada’s Josh Smith comes into the picture, and he’s creating a positive stir within this vibrant community.
Josh Smith has intellect, ingenuity and supreme knowledge that extends across a wide barrier. The guy has literally worked in numerous high-profile industries, and he has invested into many seed-level startups. He’s a businessman through and through, but he’s more so a philanthropist. Smith is the inventor of Modular Greenhouses. These advanced structures are changing the game, especially when it comes to growing organic food. The structure comes pre-assembled, it’s light in weight, and it can withstand inclement weather conditions. Technology and society go hand-to-hand and this Reno, Nevada, guy is the actual middle-man of it all. Smith is on a mission to better society in general. Eating healthy is a big part of living a healthy life, but many people don’t have access to organic foods. The Modular Greenhouse changes it all as these structures can be placed anywhere at your home residence. Just think about it for a second. Millions of pounds of organic foods can be produced straight from the comfort of the consumers’ homes.

Since being fully-automated, these modular greenhouses won’t need around-the-clock measures. They can function when you’re not around, and you can connect various amounts of equipment like heaters, temperature controls and fans. The return on investment is far greater than the actual initial investment. Take it from this Nevada-native, the best is yet to come.

The Career of Mike Baur

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur who currently runs a company known as Swiss Startup Factory. His company specializes in helping a number of businesses get mentorship and guidance in terms of running their companies. Over the last few years, Mike has established his company as one of the best in Switzerland. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Baur spent a number of years in both investing in startups and the banking industry. These two experiences gave him the knowledge to know what makes new companies successful. During his career, Mike has won a number of awards in recognition of his efforts in his business career.


Baur’s company Swiss Startup Factory helps businesses find ways to reach their goals and become more successful operations. With the guidance provided by Baur and his staff, a number of businesses are in position to get feedback on how to improve their businesses in a number of key areas. These include marketing, management, finance and production. With the feedback provided by Swiss Startup Factory, a number of entrepreneurs in Switzerland have been able to make their companies more successful. The expertise and experience of Mike Baur has played a major role in helping businesses fulfill a number of their goals on a consistent basis.


After working in the banking industry for a number of years, Mike Baur decided to leave in order to pursue other opportunities. The first opportunity he pursued was startup investing. Due to his experience working with new businesses, Mike saw the potential of startups and their profitability. As a result, he looked to capitalize on this by spending his own money on new emerging companies. This activity led to Baur making a considerable income and would therefore propel him to pursue entrepreneurship. After ten years of investing in startup businesses, Mike started up a company of his own Swiss Startup Factory.


When Mike started his new company Swiss Startup Factory, he envisioned his company being one that would help startups reach their full potential. His business model was structured to work like the banking industry. Swiss Startup Factory would work by holding an event to allow entrepreneurs to pitch their business idea and then Mike would decide to work with them. Once a company is chosen, Baur and his staff provide consulting services to these businesses. During its brief three year existence, Swiss Startup Factory emerged as one of the more innovative companies in the world. This company has been able to allow Mike to showcase his talent and passion for helping businesses on a regular basis.