Features of the Aspire

Boraie Development has been the backbone towards the development of The Aspire in New Brunswick. The building consists of numerous residential facilities which are economical in cost. It is situated in a better place since there is a hospital outside the apartment. It is easy for occupants to visit the clinic and get their health condition checked. There is an area set aside for storing bikes of the residents. Also, there is an ample parking lot for every occupant to park his vehicle. There are alternative means of transportation which is the train. It is situated a few meters away from the building. Security is enhanced as there are always doormen at entry and exit points.

The firm’s roles

Boraie Development offers a range of services to the real estate department, sales and asset management. These highlights that the firm does not depend on real estate only. Their qualified and experienced team are focused on building better properties. Moreover, they offer unlimited service to their customers. The firm has been looking forward to venturing with prominent banks and architects with strategies. For contractors, they ensure they complete their task as per the stipulated period of the contract. That is how the development firm can prosper.

Its partnership with O’Neal

A theatre located on Springfield is currently an apartment due to its renovation. It was the work of Boraie Development and former basketball player, O’Neal. They have the vision to establish similar apartments to different regions and cities. The apartments will be utilized for both residential and commercial purposes. O’Neal is looking forward to investing in downtowns as they play an essential impact on society. It is the first development initiative that they work together. The team wants to complete one apartment before it ventures to another.

Their background and vision

Boraie Development has constructed several properties in New Jersey. The firm is aiming to establish a housing tower that will comprise a retail compound. It has a project that is ongoing in Newark. The development will cost several million, and it will be the first tower in the region. The Boraie are the owners of Boraie Development. They have been offering political contributions to the state. These initiatives to support politicians initiated in the 1980s and it remained to be so. It has been a culture for them, and they continue to give back to the community through their projects. The company comprises of several initiatives in Newark and Atlantic City.