Technology and the engineering fields have some of the most common areas that women have been avoiding. However, women such as Jana Messerschmidt has been able to flourish in the realms of the sectors. Over five years now, Jana Lightspeed has been in the tech business where she has reaped much success. She is working with Lightspeed Capital Ventures as a business partner. In the company, she is in charge of marketing as well as investments. Lightspeed Ventures have been helping young companies maximize their profits by providing business insights. They have entirely majored on technological investments as they seek to create longevity in production for these companies. Jana Lightspeed has diversified her career path as she is an expert in technology, multi-level marketing as well as consumer behavior.

In Lightspeed Ventures, Jana Messerschmidt has always provided business insights for young companies. Not only does Jana venture in Lightspeed but also her Company ANGELS. The company has been helping women create wealth in the male-dominated sectors. The company has also been helping several companies in the U.S to maximize their profits. Jana has also worked in other companies where she has held different executive roles. As, such she has had rich experience in the managerial, public relations and the advisory sectors. Among the companies that Jana has worked for Twitter and Netflix.

Jana Messerschmidt skills have been portrayed in an array of fields. Additionally, she has been able to intersect her expertise between business development and technology investments. Through her leadership skills, Angels and Lightspeed Ventures has yielded so much success. In her studies, Jana specialized in History and later attained a Bachelor Degree in the University of Illinois. Since then she has focused on Venture Capital in as much as she has practiced philanthropy. Moreover, she has worked with other women in her domain to bring change in the technology sector.