Academy of Art University was founded in 1929. The university is based in San Francisco, California. While there are other universities similar to Academy of Art University, it is the largest school of its kind. The university offers a wide variety of art related program of studies. Bachelor and master degree programs, as well as short term programs, are offered. The online programs of study are available for students who may not be able to attend on campus grounds.

The Academy of Art University offers programs such as Motion Pictures and Television as well as Writing for Film, Television, and Digital Media. Script coverage is an entry-level position for any film student. The students from the university received a course by Randy Levinson. As a Motion Picture and Television Associate Director himself, Mr. Levinson provided the students with a lesson about how to effectively take on the role for Script Coverage.

According to Mr. Levinson, script coverage is very beneficial for a producer, director, writer as well as for other roles that contribute to the making of a film. Because there are many scripts that come across a filmmaker’s desk, they are assigned to script readers. The roles of the script readers are to summarize and provide a breakdown of the script in a script coverage format. Once this process is completed, then the filmmakers are able to swiftly make a decision on the script being presented.

Not only does script coverage provide convenience for filmmakers, but it also provides convenience for potential actors and actresses. Because of the summation of a script that is being presented, actors and actresses are able to understand the potential role being placed before them without having to read the entire body of work.

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