Steve Ritchie And Papa Johns Ramps Up Diversity Efforts

Papa John’s has been hard at work as a company making changes in order to create a more inclusive company that includes a diverse team of people who are working together to create the best experience possible for their customers. The man behind all of these efforts is Steve Ritchie, their new Chief Executive Officer. While times were troubled when Steve Ritchie took over the company, he was quick to take actions in order to bring the changes that they needed. The actions of one person do not necessarily represent everyone in the company that they are part of and Papa John’s has set out to prove this to everyone that was impacted.

Steve Ritchie knows that this will not be an easy process and that every one that is part of the Papa John’s team will have a lot of work to do. Papa John’s has always been a big part of their communities and their food has been served at many different events throughout their community. When Papa John’s was impacted by the issues that caused them to address inclusivity in the company, it impacted every team member on a corporate and store level. Everyone involved wants to be able to regain the trust of each member in their communities. Steve Ritchie has shown his dedication through the actions that he has taken which included an apology that he made publically. It included promises for the future to their customers and their team that he has been trying to keep.

While Steve Ritchie knows that no one in the company is at fault for what happened except for the person that took the actions, he knows that he and others must be willing to take responsibility for the work that needs to be done to remedy the situation. The pizza chain is still one of the biggest in the world and they are hoping to be able to make the brand better than it has ever been before. They want to build the company to be more diverse in managerial and franchise owner positions and have started initiatives to make this happen. Find out more about Steve Ritchie: 


Steve Lesnard’s Key Marketing Principles in Digital Marketing Platform

For the past few decades, the trends in the marketing sector have been changing. The rise of the dynamic technological innovation has transformed the way people are marketing their products. As such, these ideas have proven to reap maximum benefits. However, if not leveraged well, counterproductive effects can be met. Many cutting-edge bards will always put consumer preference at hand. Thus, successful commodities have been introduced to add some value to the consumerism. Steve Lesnard is one of the few experts in multi-level marketing in the digital world. In a recent interview, he talked about vital principles that can help in effective marketing of products

The first step is keeping the trend simple and more memorable. Consequently, the introduction of best products maximizes incredible consumer benefits. However, this should not be mistaken for an easy task. Forces should be simplified to ensure that the marketer focuses on the essential features for communication. For instance, the Apple Company’s campaign has been one of the few company’s to use this kind of marketing through their song advert 10k. Therefore they used a simple communication strategy thus marketing more of their product.

Other companies have opted to use the simple method of marketing that has changed different sectors. Companies such as Peleton have used a unique way in advertising their products such as a personalized indoor workout space. This has changed the view of the fitness industry. Thus, they seek to bring a workout space in the comfort of your home.

Steve Lesnard’s second principle was the need to make the consumer experience real. The experience has to stick to the storyline’s lane. This can be achieved by clearly indicating the principal elements and how they can be portrayed in real life. Some of the methods used in keeping the consumer service real are by use of advert videos and consumer testimonies. As such, this creates the ability of the consumer to choose from the best-diversified features in the products. Steve Lesnard have been advising such companies on how they can market their products through more straightforward means while reaping benefits at the same time.

Robert Deignan- CEO of ATS Digital Services

Robert Deignan is the co-founder and CEO of ATS Digital Services, LLC. He co-founded this company in 2011 as an accomplishment of one of his dreams of being a business owner and entrepreneur.

When Robert Deignan set up ATS, he had acquired sufficient knowledge and skills to fill the voids that were in the tech industry. He had worked with other organizations before and learned how a business is managed, as well as the opportunities that are available. He built a company that serves as a one-stop shop for all tech problems. No matter the kind of issue you are experiencing, ATS has sufficiently qualified experts to huddle the problems.

The range of services that ATS Digital Services offer makes them unique. They have a huge number of experts in fields such as activation, setup and cellular repairs. For instance, if you have a faulty tablet, and you would be interested in online troubleshooting, you can give them a call, and they will assist you to fix the tablet remotely. At ATS Digital Services, there is no need to step into your home when there are options to help customers remotely. However, the company also offers home services for clients who would like to be served in that way. There are also tech problems that need to be fixed through the physical work which can only be done by an expert visiting your home. The good thing is that you will find an expert who is qualified to offer services in your area of need through ATS digital services.

Robert understands that customer service in business means a lot. He wants to make sure that customers know and appreciate that they are receiving and the best services possible. Many companies in the tech industry treat their customers as an inconvenience especially when they need help in fixing equipment. However, at ATS Digital Services, their pride is providing a platform that customers can find solutions to all their problems. The tasks are given to the most qualified experts to ensure that customers get the best services possible. For software issues, ATS has top-of-the-line software that will ensure customers enjoy full services.

How Matthew Fleeger Led Gulf Coast Western to Success

When it comes to the Oil and Gas industry very few companies, have been able to capitalize on the natural resources available in the world. While other companies have chosen to over-exploit the resources making it extremely difficult to preserve these resources for future generations. However, Gulf Coast Western, LLC has a different approach. By combining their talent, resource, experience and industry know-how, they are able to develop, explore, and acquire domestic gas and oil reserves, which are located in the gulf coast of the United States. It also focuses on the properties that have both geophysical and geological advantages, as well as well-developed structures.

However, the success of the company would not be possible were it not for its leadership. The man responsible for the company’s accomplishment is Matthew Fleeger. He is the CEO and president of Gulf Coast Western, LLC. According to Matthew Fleeger, the various achievements of the company are due to the transparent and open relationships the company has always maintained with its accredited partners. These relationships have been built on respect and mutual trust, and this enabled the company to operate with integrity and honesty. Having been founded in 1970, the company has continued to establish its place in the oil and gas industry.

Matthew Fleeger has also become an international name and is highly regarded because of his expertise in the gas and oil, tanning, and waste management industries. He is also recognized for his competence in team building, strategic planning, contract negotiation, and entrepreneurial abilities. Before he became the CEO of Gulf Coast, he founded MedSolutions, where he was the president and CEO of the company for 13 years. After successfully leading MedSolutions to success, he later sold it to another company, and this helped establish his entrepreneur abilities. This helped to further establish his position as Gulf Coast Western Chief executive officer and president.

The Rise of Entrepreneur Doe Deere


When it comes to standout individuals, few people can outperform Doe Deere. This exceptional woman has literally transformed an entire industry via her very own personal style. Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics and Poppy Angeloff. This self-made millionaire used her talent in art to construct a brilliant career that would transcend different fields of work. This Russian-beauty came to the US at the tender age of 17. She had hopes of finding success in the entertainment industry, but that’s easier said than done. In most cases, it’s not what you know, but rather who you know. Deere got a chance to play in a local rock band. This rock band was based in New York City, and it played at shows throughout the city.


Doe Deere and her sister had a rough start once they relocated to the US. The girls’ mother couldn’t find work, and they all had to work odd jobs from time-to-time. “We were in search of a better life,” said Deere. Unfortunately, things didn’t go so well from the start as the family moved from women’s shelter to women’s shelter. “I had always devoured American culture ever since I was very young,” said Deere. At this point in time, which was the mid-to-late 90s, Deere was being swallowed by American culture with no regards.


Luck would come in the form of a woman, and this woman would go on to help Doe Deere’s family in a number of ways. This extraordinary feminist played a key role in Doe Deere’s acceptance to FIT. This woman also helped Deere’s sister get into Columbia University. As of now, Doe Deere is enjoying the fruits of her labor. She has founded two successful companies, is happily married and will continue to push the boundaries of excellence.

The Founding Of Unroll.Me By Jojo Hedaya

At a very young age of 24 years, Jojo Hedaya together his friend Mr. Josh Rosenwald have come up with a service that deals with unwanted email subscriptions or email unsubscription service. These two buddies studied from the same college in Israel. Jojo Hedaya is the current Chief Executive Officer of this service by the name Since the duo came up with this service, it has gained popularity and also thrived. It is obvious that most people receive very many emails some of which are of great significance but others are just junk messages. It is also tedious to sort the useful and junk messages. is here to provide solution to the millions of people facing this problem.

The idea to start this service struck when Mr. Josh failed to reply to JoJo’s emails. This was because Josh never came across the emails from Jojo. Its obvious that Josh’s inbox had other numerous incoming junk messages which hindered him from noticing the messages from Jojo Hedaya. Once one subscribes to, their email messages are scanned and eventually all the subscriptions are directed into a single folder famous as a rollup. This gives one the chance to easily peruse through the subscriptions and also to opt out from those of no use to them. This service ensures that users don’t face any difficulties while using it. Jojo advices fellow entrepreneurs to work smart and to always ensure that they posses the required skills and expertise in their field of specialization.

Jojo gives advice to upcoming entrepreneurs by saying that for one to start a business they should consider something that they are passionate about. One ought to be a creative thinker and a good problem solver. Entrepreneurs are said to be biased by only considering an employee’s education qualification as the gate pass for acquiring employment. Hedaya advises that the employers should consider an individual’s potential and skills. He adds that one should not be afraid of their competitors and they should prepare for both good and bad times.

War Hero and Journalist Alastair Borthwick

Alastair Borthwick is remembered for his heroics in the Second World War. He was a seasoned journalist and an organizer of exhibitions. He was an admired man in the Scottish Press due to his connections with the working class in Scotland. Many remember him for his novel, Always a little Further.

In the Second World War, he rose through the ranks from just a normal soldier to a captain. Most of his work was inspired by this achievement as well as mountaineering. He spent most of his time in service in Sicily, Western Desert, and Europe. During the war in 1945, he led his camp to fight the 51st Highlanders division. These men were about 600 of them. It was in the dark that he led them behind their enemy’s lines, the Germans. By this time he was already a Lance Corporal. These acts of boldness showed that he was not as soft as his readers thought of him.

The time he had spent hill climbing had prepared him to participate in the war. These skills of navigation helped him lead his unit through the hard terrain and successfully reaching to grounds they were safe. During the war, he was involved with different camps both in Western Europe and North Africa.

Alastair Borthwick was born in Rutherglen, Ayrshire in the year 1913. At the age of 11, his family moved to Glasgow. Here attended school and at 16 he left school to for work at the Evening Times working as a copytaker. He was then promoted to work as Glasgow weekly herald. He had many duties to perform at the firm including editing of children, Women, and films, coming up with crossword and answering the readers’ questions.

It was here that he got to learn hill climbing as an activity. In the year 1935, Alastair Borthwick started working for the Daily Mirror in London. He later joined BBC in the radio broadcasting department. His career blossomed at BBC. He worked for BBC between 1935 and 1995. He was also a member of different clubs and died aged 90 years old.

All You Need to Know about Mark Salk, Investment Analyst and Experienced Photographer

Mark Salk is a young man who has made a name for himself in different venues. He is not only a financial analyst but also a landscape photographer and active volunteer. After graduating with a finance degree, moved from Chicago to New York City. His volunteer work entails helping the less fortunate in the society, a passion that has led him to the Navy Seal Foundation. This is an organization that helps Navy Seals as well as their families. He was recently interviewed by, and here are some of the things they had to say about himself.

Getting into Photography

Salk says that his love for photography didn’t start when he was a child; this is something he started getting into while in college. He was drawn to different landscapes and decided to start taking pictures. He would then share these photos with his family and friends. As the collection of photographs grew, he decided to start a website and upload them all there.

Key to Success

You cannot teach others what you do not know. Mark Salk says that he takes his work seriously. He takes time to research, gathers all the information he can get, and ask questions to understand something more. From the gathered information, he takes the most crucial details and presents it to his audience. He tries to make sure that there is no question he cannot answer when his audience needs clarity on something.

About Navy Seal Foundation

The life of a navy seal and that of his loved ones can be difficult. What a navy seal goes through while away on duty can have diverse financial and psychological effects on them and their families. With Navy Seal Foundation, they are taken care of in terms of finances, scholarships, and counseling among other ways.

His Future

Since Mark Salk likes helping, his volunteer work will not stop at this foundation. He intends to get involved in other charity organizations in the future. As for his photography, he wants to add a function that helps visitors to his site purchase the prints they like.

Gino Pozzo Talks About The Football Business In Their Family

Gino Pozzo is known for taking lower-division football clubs to the top leagues. He is the current owner of the Watford Football Club where he wants people to be fans. Born to football enthusiasts, he developed a passion for football at a young age. He grew up in Udine in Italy before leaving for the United States at the age of 18 to do a masters in Havard University. He married and relocated to Barcelona and then to London to oversee the daily activities of his newly acquired club, Watford.

Gino’s father acquired the Udinese Club in 1986 from the profits obtained in their woodworking business. The family owns an electrical appliance business and also focuses on finance and property mergers. Gino Pozzo is one of the most intelligent persons in the sports industry. The acquisition of Udinese was as a result of the difficult financial period by the team but Gianpaolo had the passion and commitment of helping them.

Udinese club went up to the Champions League within three seasons thus teaching a lot the Pozzo family. Gino Pozzo played a crucial role in the family’s decision in acquiring Granada F.C. which faced a 12 million debt then. The team did a great performance under Gianpaolo’s and Gino’s leadership and moved to the Primera Liga. Gino purchased Watford in 2012 with the belief that it was a big investment for the future. This is because it could stand a chance of playing in the English Premier League.

Players in the three teams are traded freely to benefit each one of them. Upon Watford’s achievement of rising to the English league, Gino Pozzo a huge portion of his Granada F.C. shares to Jiang Lizhang for 37 million pounds. The Pozzo family is said to be heading in the right direction since the Premier League is already making millions. He thinks that improving the skills of young players is a better strategy for a club’s success.

Jana Messerschmidt Ventures in the Technology Sector

Technology and the engineering fields have some of the most common areas that women have been avoiding. However, women such as Jana Messerschmidt has been able to flourish in the realms of the sectors. Over five years now, Jana Lightspeed has been in the tech business where she has reaped much success. She is working with Lightspeed Capital Ventures as a business partner. In the company, she is in charge of marketing as well as investments. Lightspeed Ventures have been helping young companies maximize their profits by providing business insights. They have entirely majored on technological investments as they seek to create longevity in production for these companies. Jana Lightspeed has diversified her career path as she is an expert in technology, multi-level marketing as well as consumer behavior.

In Lightspeed Ventures, Jana Messerschmidt has always provided business insights for young companies. Not only does Jana venture in Lightspeed but also her Company ANGELS. The company has been helping women create wealth in the male-dominated sectors. The company has also been helping several companies in the U.S to maximize their profits. Jana has also worked in other companies where she has held different executive roles. As, such she has had rich experience in the managerial, public relations and the advisory sectors. Among the companies that Jana has worked for Twitter and Netflix.

Jana Messerschmidt skills have been portrayed in an array of fields. Additionally, she has been able to intersect her expertise between business development and technology investments. Through her leadership skills, Angels and Lightspeed Ventures has yielded so much success. In her studies, Jana specialized in History and later attained a Bachelor Degree in the University of Illinois. Since then she has focused on Venture Capital in as much as she has practiced philanthropy. Moreover, she has worked with other women in her domain to bring change in the technology sector.