Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa Get Immortalized in “Work Wife”

The friendship between Live co-hosts Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa is about to take on a life of its own. ABC has announced it is developing a comedy series entirely based on the duos famous friendship. The series will be multi-camera and is titled so far as “Work Wife”.

It is no secret that Ripa and Ryan get along with one another. They are not the only two “T.V. Couples” the public has seen over the years. Their predecessors on Live Regis Philbin and Kathie Lee Gifford were famous friends as well. Ripa and Ryan specific work relationship is so relatable that a T.V. show based on it may be a successful development. According to sources this is exactly what “Work Wife” will be. The show will be an ensemble comedy focused on “work spouses” who break down each other’s boundaries. It will place those relationships in comparison with all the other’s in their lives. So far “Work Wife” has received a pilot commitment. Both Ripa and tv host Seacrest will executive produce along with Michael Ian Black.

Seacrest first garnered widespread fame as the host of American Idol. The Georgia-based radio personality had been around prior to AGT, but had yet to do anything garnering mainstream. Seacrest began his career hosting a number of shows for various networks. Since his rise Ryan has continued hosting his radio show On Air with Ryan Seacrest, as well as taking over for some radio and T.V. legends. He is currently the host of America’s Top 40 which he inherited from Casey Kasem, hosts Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Years Eve, and starting in 2017 Regis Philbin’s spot on Live.

Ripa had been searching for a permanent host ever since Philbin left his post. When Seacrest joined everything just clicked. Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) will produce the show under his Ryan Seacrest Productions banner. RSP was founded in 2008, and has since produces many hit T.V. shows. Hopefully “Work Wife” will fit into that category as well. Seacrest has his fingers in so many pies with hosting, producing, and philanthropy it is a wonder he has any time left.

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Igor Cornelsen Offers Three Great Pieces of Advice for those Interested in Brazilian Investments

Investors are once again Interested…

Igor Cornelsen is no stranger when it comes to the economy of Brazil; he helped build it. Things went down hill for a little while. Political issues and uncertainly caused many investors to fear Brazil. The developing economy has started to bounce right back from that drop it had taken, however. It is for this reason that many investors are intersted in Brazilian options once again.

Now…on to the Tips…

Tip number one from Igor Cornelsen? Get very familiar with all of the locals that you can! He claims that Brazilian culture is social to a point where becoming familiar with locals will result in them talking (aka sharing a great deal of information,) with anybody that is curious. From that point on, it’s a matter of forming memories and taking notes. Soak up all the information that you can.

Be Prepared for anything!

Igor’s second tip involves expecting what one would typically consider unexpected. Being prepared for any possible outcome is good advice in general, for any walk of life. When it comes to economic matters within Brazil, however, it is advice that should be taken quite seriously!

Learn those Pesky Foreign Exchange Rates!

This is the final piece of advice that Igor Cornelsen claims will put you on track to a Florida retirement similar to his. Knowing the ins and outs of business exchanges is simply not useful if one isn’t familiar with the exchange rates! Somebody investing in Brazil should know them to a point where they can perform rude estimates of the conversion calculations in their head as they examine financial statements. Mr. Cornelsen doesn’t say this, but come on, if you want to retire in Florida like he did, would you prepare in a fashion that requires any less?

How Talkspace Sets Itself Above Others

For people in therapy, it might be hard to always have the resources they need to make their lives better. Talkspace knew this when they started. They also knew they had to do a lot of different things if they wanted to make a difference in the therapy field. For the company, the best part of making sure they could help people was providing them a safe space where they could talk about different things and learn about how to help themselves with mental illness. It made sense for the company to keep offering these opportunities to everyone they worked with. No matter how hard they had to work, Talkspace did what they could to show people they had someone who cared about their mental health. The company worked hard so people didn’t have to worry about visiting a counselor outside of their own home and they always had the chance to communicate with their counselor.

For many people with a mental illness, visiting a counselor can be daunting. Not only do you have to have the energy to get dressed and drive yourself to the counselor but you also have to deal with the people in the waiting room, the wait time and actually sitting down with the counselor. It can be hard and make people suffering from anxiety or depression less likely to make appointments with a traditional therapist. Talkspace knew this was a huge problem and wanted to create a solution to it.

When people use the Talkspace platform, they get access to a number they can text their therapist at. This can help in situations they might otherwise turn into crisis situations. It can also help people who are simply feeling nervous or like they need to talk to someone. The texting capabilities might also make it easier for people who struggle to talk on the phone, in person or in video calls. Talkspace provides texts in addition to weekly sessions you might be able to use with your therapist. Having the ability to text your therapist can make it easier to keep the lines of communication open.