Scott Rocklage: Helping to Find Cures

5AM Ventures, a firm led by Scott Rocklage, is one of several medical investment firms investing in helping Expansion Therapeutics find a cure for myotonic dystrophy type 1. DM 1, as the disorder is better known, is a genetic disorder caused by RNAs molecules accumulating to a toxic level within the body.


Expansion Therapeutics will use the money invested by Scott Rocklage’s firm to attempt to develop a treatment protocol or medications that might treat or prevent DM 1. Scott Rocklage has used his expertise to help Expansion Therapeutics bring together a top research team to find answers to the DM 1 disorder.


Matthew D. Disney will head up the research team. Scott Rocklage believes that Dr. Disney has the experience necessary to help find a cure for DM 1. Learn more:


Dr. Rocklage, and the team at Expansion Therapeutics, will also be working on small molecule medications that will be utilized to treat DM 1. With the combination of these two approaches, it is hoped that a cure for DM 1 will be forthcoming in the near future.


Scott Rocklage has spent over 30 years within the field of healthcare management. During his career, he has helped in the development of several drugs in the clinical trials phase. Three important drugs that Dr. Rocklage helped to developed are approved and on the market helping patients today.


Dr. Rocklage has served as the CEO of both Cubist Pharmaceuticals and NycomedSalutar. He is on the board of several pharmaceutical companies including Epirus and Pulmatrix. He is also managing partner of 5AM Ventures. This firm is helping companies achieve breakthroughs in the development of new drugs and new treatments for a variety of diseases and conditions.


Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home

Over the last 30 years, Amanda Taylor-Morgan has worked tirelessly in the healthcare industry. From her time as a mental health nurse to serving in positions of authority as a director, she has definitely carved out a special spot.

And most recently she has caught the attention of the Sussex Healthcare senior living facility and they have appointed her as the new CEO for their company. Immediately Taylor jumped into action and created a position, the Director of Quality, that she feels will propel the company forward. She also made sure to visit each of the 20 locations that this senior living company operates.

This is not the last big change the company is instituting. Not only did it go on an extensive search for a new CEO, but it is also looking for professionals who would like to join its staff. Even those who don’t have a significant amount of experience in this industry are encouraged to join as the company offers extensive training.

There are a lot of perks to this job. Not only do you receive training that you could use later on in your career, but you also to get to help elderly individuals who struggle with everyday activities due to special health challenges. These challenges include learning disabilities, Parkinson’s and infirmities.

Sussex Healthcare has been serving residents with these struggles for decades now. In fact, they have even won awards and received double accreditation, making it one of a king among the independent nursing homes in the UK. And with its restructuring, it plans to expand its reach to other areas of the UK.

The company’s latest claim to fame is its new gym. It is open to both residents and elderly non-residents who want to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. And the company makes this as easy as possible, appointing each resident their own personal training as well designing a meal plan that is suited specifically for them.

The gym is fully equipped and is considered state of the art. It holds several exercise machines and free weights. It also has a pool so that residents can work on their postures and a hot tub so that they can heal their sore muscles after they have finished their workout.

Sussex is working to ensure that it continues to offer the best of care and services. And a big part of their success is due to the compassion they have for others. If you’re interested in working for a company like this, consider applying.


Whitney Wolfe Refuses To Compromise With Match Group In Tinder Row

Think all dating sites are the same? There’s a reason for that. Popular dating apps and websites like Tinder, Match, PlentyOfFish, and OKCupid are all owned by Match Group, a large corporation that has a near-exclusive monopoly with many of the largest dating sites under its wing. One notable app missing from its profile is the women-focused dating app Bumble, led by CEO Whitney Wolfe.

It’s no surprise then that on March 16, Match Group filed a lawsuit against Bumble alleging patent infringement by saying that Bumble copied Tinder’s functionality and mimicked how the app works. Match Group says it will defend its intellectual property in court against Bumble, but digging a little bit deeper this seems to be a retaliatory response to CEO Whitney Wolfe’s refusal to be bought and acquired.

Match Group attempted to acquire Bumble last year for $450 million, but tech valuations suggest the company could be worth as much as $1 billion. CEO Whitney Wolfe refused the buy-out in part because she’s tired of the male-focused corporate culture that has invaded even out dating sites. She recently stated in an interview that she’s not afraid of aggressive corporate culture and that the tactic of attempting to bully Bumble into submission or a buyout settlement won’t work.

Wolfe has the chops to stand up to Match Group, too. She attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas and was a co-founder of Tinder and served as the vice president of marketing, often credited with creating Tinder’s iconic name. Mrs. Wolfe left the company in 2014 to found Bumble with the help of Andrey Andreev, the founder of Badoo.

Bumble is a women-focused site that allows women to take the first step in initiating contact with men they’re interested in matching with. Bumble takes a hard-line stance against those who exhibit bad behavior while using the app, which is why more women are focused on the experience it provides over rivals. In fact, Whitney Wolfe has worked to expand Bumble’s presence into other markets like professional networking with Bumble Bizz and making platonic friendships with Bumble BFF.

With a valuation of more than $1 billion, it’s likely that Mrs. Wolfe will expand her company to have a public presence with an IPO in the near future. The focus on Bumble’s users and the refusal to compromise with Match Group make her the perfect leader to weather this intimidation tactic disguised as a patent infringement lawsuit and it’s a shining example of what women in tech can do when they’re in leadership positions.


Dr. Saad Saad Grants Interview and Highlights Power of Education

Many kids and parents are thankful for Dr. Saad Saad. This is a renown pediatric surgeon who made America his home though he was born in Palestine. This doctor made a lot of different contributions to the field of pediatric surgery, most of which were made to improve care. The man has provided care, solutions, and health for decades, and he is finally retiring after 47 years in the industry. It was hard to say goodbye to a field that he has been in love with for years but it was time.


Dr. Saad just granted an extensive interview where he discussed his career. He shared a number of tales that he hopes will inspire others to reach for the stars. For one, he shared that his childhood was not glamorous. Saad and his family went through times of uncertainty, which helped shaped him into the man he is now. For one, he was born in Palestine around the time the region became a two-state region. A couple of strangers came to his home to kick his mother and siblings out. The entire family was taken to the West Bank so suddenly that he barely had time to process the entire moment. Their father was not home, and they were not sure how they were going to contact him.


Thankfully, Saad’s father was a resourceful man who found his family in a few hours though he was scared as he searched for them. The reunion was emotional but short-lived because the reality was their home was no longer theirs.


Saad’s father went out to find a job, which he did quickly enough since his expertise as a petroleum mechanic was highly sought after. It did not take this man long to help his family get back on their feet. Saad’s father made it a point to highlight that it was his education that helped him assist his family. This was a lesson that struck a genuine chord in Saad, which is why he pursued education so strongly. Learn more:


Saad’s belief in education is so strong that he made sure that his own children learned this lesson. Two of his own children are surgeons while one is happy as a nurse. One child is a lawyer. This was something that made Saad very proud. He wants all parents to feel this proud about their children, so he urges parents to instill education early on.


Children should be exposed to the power of education and how it can change lives. Taking these kinds of steps ensures that people have a better future. Saad mentioned that he actually took his love for knowledge to the Medical Mission to Jerusalem that he took a number of times. He provided free care to impoverished children and also told them to pursue their dreams no matter what.