Sawyer Howitt, An Energetic Young Entrepreneur

Sawyer is high school senior whose primary objective is to study, take an internships and make efforts on business and finance. Sawyer has harnessed skills in understanding the operational and financial needs of business while at the same time appreciating a brands souls, resonance, and connection to the consumer.

Sawter Howitt has worked hard to inspire other young entrepreneurs through the writing of articles. In one of his articles, he writes that anyone with knowledge and skills can become an entrepreneur. While there are many millennial entrepreneurs, they must make efforts to stand out. Like many young entrepreneurs, Sawyer understands the challenges faced while running a business. This is because he has experienced same problems faced by other entrepreneurs. He became a project manager at Meriwether Group in Portland, Oregon. He did all this while he was in his senior year of high school. He puts in that it is because of the limitless energy and different range of experience has enabled him to successed.

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The primary reason for Sawyer’s success is because of his innovative mindset. He keeps himself updated on the current affairs of the society. His involvement in the community has enabled him to understand the manner in which the cultural trends relate to business. This enables him to give advice that is centered on motivation, people skills, and business savvy.

One of primary suggestion of Sawyer Howitt to entrepreneur is to use their passion to move toward their vision without hesitation. He says that if entrepreneurs wait for the suitable moment to start, they may miss the opportunity that is available at that moment. He acknowledges that the learning process is a continuous process and he puts it in that the most appropriate way to learn is through practical experience.

Company culture is an important aspect while hiring employees. Sawyer insists that young entrepreneurs shouldn’t ignore this factor. He of the opinion that even though someone may have a lot of experience, the wrong fit can lead to culture shock. Building morale and keeping the employees happy is important in ensuring that the things run smoothly. The commitment of Sawyer Howitt to help entrepreneur has enabled young people to success in running their business.

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Adam Milstein’s Big Heart

Adam Milstein big heart has made him recently be recognized as one of the two hundred Most Influential Do-Gooders in the World. According to him, helping others give him more satisfaction than even those he is giving a hand. Together with his wife Mr. Milstein is helping over a hundred organizations and programs. When Adam is not working, he prefers having dinner with his wife and kids. Adam Milstein admires his partner David Hager. He notes that David is smart and a great thinker.


The Foundation

Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation is a foundation that Adam and his wife founded to strengthen the Jewish community. It was mainly established to help students know their roots and appreciate their culture. The foundation has three primary principles that guide them: Life Path Impact, Philanthropic Synergy, and Active Philanthropy. The principles drive the staff to give their time and resources to ensure the success, partners to keep in touch with their audience and Adam ensures that they make connections with other foundations so that their impact can be bigger.


An entrepreneur

Adam Milstein believes that for one to succeed one need to be part of the solution and not rely only on other people. He says it is important to understand the problem and find a good solution. Mr. Milstein does not set specific goals, he aims at doing his best and with that, he can achieve anything he wants. As an entrepreneur, Adam Milstein does not put all his eggs in one basket. He ventures into different fields so as not to lose all his investments in case of anything. At the same time, Adam noted that success is never rushed. It takes time for one to achieve their goal.


Adam Milstein loves helping out and because many charity organizations need him to donate to their course, he meets with the heads to understand what they support. He and his wife will only contribute when they are confident that that organization is in their philanthropic area. Remaining focused on their mission has helped Adam’s foundation be able to keep achieving its goals. Mr. Milstein’s philanthropic nature cannot go unnoticed. He has and is helping a lot of people.

Ransomware is Becoming a Massive Security Threat

Cybersecurity Ventures in a recent report predicts that the cost of ransomware and other cyber threats will rise to $6 trillion by 2021. This includes the rise in cyber attacks on medical devices. Experts predict this alone will reach $101 billion by 2018.


The issue of cyber security is affecting politicians. The way Hillary Clinton managed emails on her server may have influenced the results of the election. In May 2017 President Donald Trump signed an executive order to increase the digital security of the United States, especially the federal government.

The WannaCry ransomware attacks of May 2017 invaded over 300,000 computers in 150 countries. Identity theft, stolen and destroyed data, stolen money, theft of intellectual property, fraud and ransomware are just some of the ways criminals are costing the economy. Businesses must also conduct forensic investigations, restore service, replace hacked data and continue service.


Rubica is a digital privacy security firm with apps that protect smart phones, laptops, and computers. Their goal is to enforce everyone’s right to privacy and safely online. And they have a product to reduce the amount of online cyber crime. They are targeting the profitability of ransomware.


Rubica has cyber experts who previously worked for the United States Navy, Scotland Yard and the National Security Agency.